Killer Resume: What You Should Include

What was the judgment of a resume reviewer? What are the things he will look to see? Many people write their resumes with the hope that the reviewer will read through it section by sections. However, recent research has proven that most recruiters spend six seconds or there about to come up with their first decision. That is not all, but a first decision may lead to the final decision especially if there are lots of resumes.

In order to have a killer resume, you must avoid making things difficult for the reviewer to simply grasp the most important part of your resumes that showcase the services you have to offer to the employer if employed. In this article, we have put together best practices that will make your resume star from the others.

Does Your Resume Suit the Description of the Job?


First, you should research about the tradition and employing practices of the firm before you proceed with the application. What does a company expect from the applicant? Does the company consider education, specific projects, or experience? After knowing this, you can pen your resume based on them.

Apply for Jobs, Only If You Can Meet the Requirement


Applying for a job you do not meet the least criteria is a waste of your time and that of the recruiter. Therefore, don’t apply for a job you could not meet its minimum requirement. Apply for a position that will fit you.

Don’t Lie in Your Resume


As wise men said, “honesty is an iron horse.” Do not lie in your resume while applying for a job as the truth will definitely come out even if you passed the first round. No employer will continue with the process if he finds out you have lied in your resume as honesty is what is required by every employer.


Explain the Relevance of Your Job


According to research, recruiters spend 80 percent of their time searching on your name, previous works, company, education, job title, job start, and job end date. This is not good especially if you are changing career line. In this situation, you should stress the new skills you can offer to the company if employed.

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